Ode to the Bed

How many are the joys that we associate
With the concept of the bed!
How astonishing the images
Of sweet rest, languor
Release, solitude,
Expectations of happy dreams, and
The delights of love!
Oh dreams, Oh dreams!
How many were conceived and born in bed!
Dreams and reality here live side by side!
Our arrival in the world
Is associated with the bed of love and mother’s bed.
Oh cradle!
Here our consciousness is born.
Here we learn the joys of light and acquire
Our first knowledge of the world!
Before embarking on the path to life,
Moving about and walking,
We start the process right here,
In our first bed!
Oh the reveries of youth!
Oh the heroic visions in our dreams!
Oh hopes for the future!
All these joys of creation
Are born in this holy place of ours–
Our bed!
The bed is truly a supreme blessing!
How much warmth, sweet bliss, and comfort
It brings to maturity.
Here resides the happiness of love and
Beginning of the family–
Our future!
Here is the beginning of our children!
But when old age comes,
The bed gives us a feeling
Of quiet rest.


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